The Group Holding Companies of Mohammed Rashed Bin Khamees and His Sons is composed of is composed of
- AJNA for communications, IT & Security Solutions
- AJNA for Education & Trading
- AJNA Mining International
- Mohamed Rashid Bin Khamis & Sons For Real Estate Investment & Developmet
- Mohamed Rashid Bin Khamis & Sons For Trading
- Mohamed Rashid Bin Khamis & Sons For Contracting

Our successes are medals that we put around the necks of our employees because we simply believe in human beings and the sons of this country.
Moreover, we believe in our ability to direct their energies to serve themselves and the development process as a whole.

A word from the Chairman
Mohamed Rashid Bin Khamis Holding Group was established and, meanwhile, kept an eye on the future not only as a dream but, in reality, days brought about achievements to speak themselves.
The more we dive into the heart of success, the more our future becomes brighter.
Our journey to success faced many obstacles but our determination stood firm and, further, provided us with more strength, ability and accumulated experiences. We can say, with utmost confidence, that we are in a better position to achieve our set goals and new ones. Our steps to the future have become more wider than ever.
From the very beginning, our source of strength which we depend, was based on two things, determination and energy in our souls aspiring for prosperous future.
The challenge in the Group was, initially, demonstrated in our ability to inspire our employees whom we have selected carefully not only as employees but to be partners. We can confidently say that the Group is enjoying rich human resources who are trustworthy.
From the outset, we had a strong belief that we have a duty towards the nation which remained a focal point at all stages of success and the nation, in turn, remained a source of support and motivation whenever we met obstacles. We were, same time, mindful that ambitions of employees must go hand-in-hand with the above notions to keep work away from the routine line.
Our efforts and steps towards the future originate from the human because he is our target, be an individual benefiting from our services, staff member or even a citizen benefiting from our services indirectly.

To combine the human potential of the nation and other resources of the Kingdom in anticipation of a brighter future for the sons of the nation.

To contribute effectively to the nation-building process through a group of companies pursuing the latest approaches and observing the highest quality standards.
Values and Principles
The Group is governed by a set of values and principles that we have remembered and observed in all our endeavors.
Even though they do not differ substantially from the values that govern many other companies, the important distinction lies in our commitment to put our values into practice - and not just keep them in files and publications - by planting them into the hearts of the Group's employees, so that they come to share them through practice.

We seek to ignite the spirit of ambition in our employees based on the belief that it will keep the flame of creativity alive.

We promote the value of belonging (loyalty) to the Group and our community in our employees.

We restlessly strive for excellence in a world dominated by product conformity, where the number of companies working in any one area has increased.

We work meticulously to achieve our objectives and satisfy our customers' needs.
Strategic Planning
Coincidence has no place in our company, and moving forward requires that the next step be calculated accurately. We have minds capable of transcending the present moment and fast-forwarding to the future through plans and studies that systematically evaluate the past, examine the present, and read the future.
A team of experts and planners usually prepare the general policies of the Group.
The strategic plans of the Group are composed of the following elements:
Planning elements, Their members have the most experience and highest academic qualifications.
Implementation elements, They translate plans, programs, and objectives into practice.
Financial elements, They are represented in means, tools, and places.
The time element, This element is entrusted with showing the rate of achievement based on a time scale.
In general, the work of the Group is governed by detailed long-term and daily plans.
Our team is composed of a harmonious group that jointly implements the goals and values of the Group and looks forward to the future. The team is made up of national cadres, supported by highly qualified foreign expertise, who came united in their deep belief in the goals and values of the Group. The team has excelled in dealing with different conditions and challenges, thanks to their long-standing experience, multiple training courses, and an ideal working environment conducive to creativity.